Nevada Southern

Nevada Southern Railway

The Nevada Southern Railway is situated on Yucca Street in the historic Boulder City of Nevada. It is only a short drive from Hoover Dam, the city of Henderson, and the world famous Las Vegas strip.

The ride begins from the train station at Boulder City and goes past the Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino. The round trip train ride covers around 6 miles of trip distance. There’s also a side trip available that can bring passengers to the “bone yard” on a locomotive which is known by the name of “Old 97.” Here, people can see some more of the area’s huge collection of historic railroad equipment.


The history of the Nevada Southern Railway goes back to the 1930s. During this period, the train’s Boulder Branch line was built by the Union Pacific Railroad as a way to provide service to the Boulder Dam project.

How To Get There

You can take US-93 south going to Boulder City. Drive until you see the traffic light at Veterans Memorial Drive. After passing the traffic light, continue driving for 0.7 miles to Yucca Street which is just past the Taco Bell. Then turn left going to Yucca Street. You can see the Nevada Southern Railway train station on your right.


Train Facilities


The Nevada Southern Railway is designed with facilities that are highly accessible to visitors with limited mobility. Whether they are using walkers, canes, wheelchairs, or scooters, it is definitely not a struggle for anyone to move around and explore the area.

Inside, the train features a renovated coach which has been specifically designed to have ample space. The latter allows a number of occupants to ride the train with assistive devices while being accompanied by friends and family members.

Passengers can ride in their choice of coaches. These include an open air car or an air-conditioned/heated Pullman coaches.

Handicapped parking is also available on site. All parking is totally free.

All the workers in the facility are volunteers.

The Train Ride

The train ride has departure times at 10 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday. It is recommended to arrive at least around 15 minutes before the intended departure schedule. The train excursions are not really crowded and therefore reservations are not required. It is a 45-minute train ride with fares for both individual buyers and those who are riding in groups. Tickets are really cheap.