Nevada Train Museums

Nevada Train Rides And Museums

Nevada train rides offer an impressive historic appeal specifically in terms of the state’s vast mining industry in the past. These rides are geared towards vacation and tourism destinations as opposed to  those that are designed to go intercity or long distance travel on the rail.

Virginia and Truckee Railway

Considered as the most widely regarded train ride, the Virginia and Truckee Railway is a privately owned historical heritage railroad located in Virginia City, Nevada. Running up to seven trains per day, the V & T Railway has a route that stretches up to 22.7 kilometers. It was originally built in the 19th century for the purpose of serving the mining communities of Comstock Lode in northwestern Nevada. Since its restoration, it’s been used as a tourist railroad offering rides between Carson City and Virginia City.

Nevada Southern Railway

The Nevada Southern Railway is located in the historic Boulder City of Nevada. Its history goes back to the 1930s, the time when the railway was constructed by the Union Pacific Railroad to provide service for those who were involved in the Boulder Dam project. Now, it is used as an excursion train where passengers can choose between riding in an open air car or in an air-conditioned/heated Pullman coaches. It’s also designed with wheelchair accessibility. On certain weekends, passengers can also get access to model railroad displays and ride 7 ½ inch gauge trains.

Nevada Northern Railway

Built in 1905-1906, the Nevada Northern Railway was primarily used as a way to reach a major copper producing place in White Pine County, Nevada. It extended northward around 140 miles starting from Ely to a connection with the Southern Pacific Railroad at Cobre. Today, the property is being operated as the Nevada Northern Railway Museum by the non-profit organization known as the White Pine Historical Railroad Foundation.

Nevada Northern Railway Museum

Operated by a historic foundation, the Nevada Northern Railway Museum is a railroad museum that’s situated in Ely, Nevada. It continues to operate as means to preserve the Nevada Northern Railway. Activities in the museum include a resident reality camp, changing exhibits, a railroad history symposium done yearly, lectures, hand car races, locomotive rentals, winter photo shoots, steam-powered excursions, restoration and operation of historic railroad equipment and a slew of special events.

Nevada State Railroad Museum

Located in Carson City, Nevada, the museum preserves the state’s railroad heritage and includes the locomotives and cars of the renowned Virginia and Truckee Railway. It is operated by the Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs. It’s also the relocation site for the Wabuska Railroad Station which is a historic station that has originated from Wabuska, Nevada. Some of the museum activities include handcar rides, train rides, lectures, changing exhibits, annual railroad history symposium, and other special events.

Nevada Southern Railroad Museum

This railroad museum is located in Boulder City, Nevada and is operated by the Nevada State Railroad Museum. Passengers can enjoy excursion trains that are offered at the heritage railroad which is operated by the museum. Using historic railroad equipment, the trip spans a journey of 7 miles within 45 minutes and on a round trip offer.

Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad & Transportation Museum

This transport museum offers a collection of documents, photographs, and railroad artifacts that are related to the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad. It also has the display of the county’s first steam automobile and the local aviation history. Admission to the museum is free.