10 Effective Tactics to Make Money On Your Website in the UK


Looking for proven tactics to monetize your UK website? Here are 10 effective tactics to turn your site into an income-generating asset!

In 2019, there are more ways to make money online than ever before. With so many strategies, plans, and tactics to turn the website you run for some time now into a source of income, knowing which strategy to use can be time-consuming. Not every monetization strategy works for every website or ecommerce store.
If you are looking for proven tactics to monetize your UK website, here are 10 effective tactics to turn your site into an income-generating asset:

1. Email marketing:

This is a simple and yet powerful strategy. Email marketing can help your website make money in a few different ways – direct email promotions, drive traffic back to your website, deliver free reports that are monetized, and more. You can get an account with AWeber to capture your audience and communicate with them after they leave your website. You can send emails including recommended products they may be interested in and earn commissions if they sign up or purchase something.

2. Skimlinks:

This is an affiliate network that helps you earn commissions made through links on your website. It can also help you create individual affiliate links. If you want, Skimlinks can be installed on your website to monetize your content.


3. Display banners and adverts:

By using Google AdSense or Media.net, you can easily set up network adverts. All you need to do is copy and paste the code into your website to create ads that are relevant to visitors’ online search. One great service to use is Taboola. This service is also suitable for bloggers interested in monetizing their content. Taboola works by displaying articles from advertisers on their network.

4. Publish sponsored posts:

This strategy is an ad in article form, including the website link of the advertiser. The advertiser may send you an article, however, if you write the content for them, you can charge for your time as well. For a sponsored post, you can earn

5. Sell digital products:

Printables, eBooks, templates, and graphics are great examples of digital products that can help you earn an ongoing and passive income from your website. For example, for an eBook, you can charge $50 for 3000-word eBooks. We know what you think – it doesn’t sound much, however, 20 eBook sales per month will surely boost your finances in the UK. For more information, on how to sell your products, go to www.shopify.co.uk/buy-button

6. Sell physical products:

Your your website to sell your own physical products. You can create designs for mugs or t-shirts and if you are good at it, people will buy it.

7. Publish articles:

If you create unique content, you can also earn from it. If you are running a website for furniture, you can share some home-decor tips in an article. You can attract visitors’ attention and link to a page for more information. The reader unlocks the content, once they’ve paid a fee to you.

8. Add a membership forum:

You can always add a members-only forum to your website through plugins and apps. You can monetize this by charging an access fee or a regular subscription.

9. Create an Amazon store page:

The best thing about Amazon is that it sells everything you could imagine. Regardless of what your website is about, Amazon sells some relevant products. You can add an Amazon store page to your site and add recommendations about which products they are relevant to them.

10. Offer workshops:

You could use your website to sell workshops, training, and seminars. Offering a workshop means your visitors learn from you and implement thanks to you. This is an attractive offer for people willing to pay high prices to do it.

We hope we’ve inspired you to take an action and get your UK website going forward, knowing there is an opportunity to make money in the near future.

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