Those of you who are planning on monetizing their websites should know that if you add buy button on your website, you can expect better conversions. However, the way this button looks is related to sales conversions. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the bigger the button is the more sales you can expect. The most important thing here is to make visitors look for the button. There’s no room for unnecessary objects between the URL and the Buy Button.

It’s clear that the buy button must be visible and it should stand out from the rest of the elements on the page. You should never add a buy button that may confuse the visitor. The buy button should not blend in with the design of your website. Experienced marketers treat this button as a specific image, not as just another image on the site. A good buy button will grab the attention of almost all visitors.

Over the years, marketers have tested a wide array of buy buttons in order to identify the most effective ones. It turns out that color has one of the main roles here. So, the real question is what the best color in situations like this is. A red-colored buy button will definitely grab the attention of visitors, but this color is often associated with danger. The yellow color is quite visible too, but most people are becoming cautious and alerted when they see this color. That’s why many marketers consider the orange color to be the best option for a buy button.

After all, orange is a mixture of red and yellow, but ordinary people don’t think of danger or caution when looking at the orange color. They actually like it and it makes them feel comfortable. If you look at many bank logos and modern logos in general, you will notice this color.

Of course, the text also plays a role here. A buy button doesn’t have to contain the word BUY or NOW on it. This looks like a command and many people don’t like commands when they are buying things. Add To Cart seems to be the best option here. As for the font, you should use a font that is easy to understand. Save the fancy font for the rest of the content found on your website.

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