Make Money on your Website

If you want to start a home-based business, then you should definitely consider managing a website. In case you have some technical skills and knowledge, you can create your own website, but thanks to modern software solutions including eCommerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce etc.), you can create a website without any design or coding knowledge.

How to make money on your website is a very common search term these days and it seems that there is more than one good answer to this question. Of course, there are some basic conditions that you must meet in order to achieve success. Having a website with a good number of visitors on a daily basis is one of them. There are many guides on the Internet that can help you attract more visitors, but generally speaking, it’s all about the content and design of your website.

When it comes to making money on a website, it’s good to know that there are dozens of methods out there. Yet, just a few of them are very effective. According to many experts, there are three simple, easy and effective solutions:

  • Using Google AdSense
  • Selling digital products
  • Being an affiliate

Google AdSense is a very popular advertising program which is used by thousands of websites. In order to become a member of this program you will have to meet the basic criteria set by Google in terms of quality of content, a number of visitors and niche. Once you get approved, you can place one, two or even three ad banners on your website. The payment scheme, in this case, is very easy to understand – you will get paid for every visitor on your website that clicks on a banner. The commission depends on the country where these visitors are located. For instance, you can expect the best payouts for visitors from the USA, the UK, France, Canada etc.

Next, on the list, we have digital products. If you believe that you have the necessary expertise and experience, you can always create an eBook. Write a how-to guide or something that can help readers solve their problems based on your experience and knowledge.

Finally, affiliate marketing is selling products on behalf of people/businesses that have created them. You are just promoting these products on your website and if you manage to get them, buyers, you will get a predetermined commission.